Podlines experts

Ibrahim HAWARI

Podcast Strategist Expert

Strategist expert and podcast

director Media consultant specialized in public relations and corporate communication engineering, with extensive media experience of more than 25 years in media production, music composition and public relations

Ibrahim never tires of providing added value to your business, he will guide you in putting the finishing touches to make an integrated and mature podcast.


Music Composition and Sound Effects Expert

Composer and classical guitarist

Licensed from the Conservatory of Music in Damascus, teacher and specialist in soundtracks for short films, advertisements and everything related to image simulation, with more than 20 years of experience.

He also specializes in sound engineering and sound effects making.

If you’re thinking of the fun and craft your podcast will bring to your audience, let Maher put his musical artistic touches to it.


Voiceover expert

News, TV presenter and voiceover

BA in Public Relations and Advertising, and MA in Radio and Television.

Presented a number of programs such as “The Turkish Economy in a Minute”, “Real estate and Decision” and “Turkey Today”.

The experiences during the past 10 years varied between journalistic writing, editing, writing content for social media, presenting news and various programs, in addition to documentary and advertising voice over.

He gave various workshops in voice over skills and the art of recitation.

Khuder helps you develop your style and refine your performance to suit the nature of your content to deliver your message to your audience full of meaning and interest

Muhannad MANSOUR

Voiceover expert

Voice over expert, broadcaster, TV journalist, voice and recitation coach

Trained dozens of journalists and broadcasters

15 years of experience working in more than one satellite and radio station.. He has more than 3,000 text and voice-over television reports to his credit. More than 40 documentaries have been commented on and prepared, most of which have been published on Al Jazeera and Al Arabi TV.

Muhannad has methods and techniques that help you highlight your most beautiful reciting talents so that your performance will be enjoyable.


Scriptwriter expert

Scriptwriter in the audiovisual field, editor of books and literary and media materials, with more than 15 years of experience.

Amer is waiting for your podcast ideas and thoughts, to help you express your content like a professional, do not hesitate to ask him for help.

Mazen RABA’A

Production management expert,

BA in Arabic literature, MBA. Educator, coach, consultant and expert in project management, business development and strategic planning for more than 20 years, extensive experience in management, leadership, and strategic direction for multiple teams and workgroups, led a team of 45 creators from the Podlines platform in producing the Ramadan Seasons podcast (34 episodes), directed and led audio-drama team under the supervision of Podlines.

Mazen is your strategic guide, he puts in your hands the keys and secrets of success, but you have to work with his observations about your content, even if they are accurate. Mazen, like you, wants your podcast to turn into a successful business project.

Ibrahim BITTAR

Marketing and Publishing Expert at Podlines

10 years of experience in sales and marketing management, specialized in the advertising and marketing content industry for many institutions in the Arab world and in various fields.

He presents specialized training programs in sales and marketing development for individuals and organizations.

Ibrahim is the key for delivering your content to your audience and will help you build your reputation as a professional podcaster, He has his own way of getting the attention of advertisers and sponsors become on you.

Safa’a FOUAD

Proofread expert in podlines

Diploma from Al-Ahliyya University of Petra, majoring in Arabic Language and Literature

Language proofreader and editor, and Arabic language teacher for non-native speakers

proofread and directed dozens of books, articles, master’s theses, translated legal materials, and Arabic audio materials with directing it.

Within her many years of experience, she has edited and proofread scripts for documentaries, and written short stories and children’s stories.

She was known through her audio recording of ” with Love” episodes on Kerning Cultures platform, titled “Swipe Left”.

Before you start reading the scripts of your episodes, let Safaa help you rearrange them so that your podcast is as clear and error-free as a pro.


Podlines Voiceover Expert

Journalist, program presenter and VoiceOver

Worked on Hara Radio, Aleppo Today TV, and the electronic press

Specialized in audio recording, presenting and preparing news and social programmes, and editing news and press reports.

She is currently working as a digital editor for Iranware website

Preparing the “Women of the Country” program on Radio “Watan”

She is the author and presenter of a podcast called “Athar” in Abjad Organization

The best person who can guide and train you on how to handle the microphone and manipulate the chords of your beautiful voice is Dana.


Audio engineering expert

BA (Diploma) in Mass Communication from Damascus University. She is an expert in working on professional sound engineering programs. She worked in the field of sound engineering with the most famous studios and art production companies in the Arab world.

Specialized in recording and directing audio materials for a number of applications, as well as in dubbing

Contributed to recording and editing audio content for a number of educational platforms, implemented sound effects for many advertisements, documentaries and children’s audio stories.

Bahira will be very nice to you as you collaborate with her on your episodes, but she will never be lenient when it comes to the quality of your audio content.


Audio engineering expert

Diploma in media from Damascus University works in the field of voice-over and presenter of radio programs and reports

Specialized in sound engineering.

She has produced several podcast episodes on Podlines platform, from preparing, presenting, sound engineering, and directing.

Here comes the role of the behind-the-scenes touch-up to deliver your podcast to the audience in the purest sound. Rukhaa will be very happy to work with you on the smallest details, from building your home studio, choosing the right audio equipment, to audio engineering and everything related to it.


Voiceover expert

Presenter of several programs for 5 years on UFM Radio, with a number of distinguished works in his credit, The most famous of them is “Say your opinion”, which exceeded 459 hours live.

With 8 years of experience in the broadcasting field, and his rich experience in the world of podcasts through the Ethics of the Nation podcast and the last page podcast. Khaled will provide you with the juice of his experiences and lead you to the uniqueness of what you will provide.


Sound Performance expert

Libyan journalist

Talk shows producer & presenter (political, social, development).

He interviewed a number of leading thinkers and politicians in the Arab world.

Worked as a producer and presenter for Radio Ajwa’a Al-Liby. As well as on Al-Nabaa satellite channel.

With some of Omar’s tips, you will be able to elevate your content to the level of the most important audio programs in the world.


Podcast planning expert

Expert in mentoring individuals and organizations for capacity building and project management, to help others grow and empower them personally and professionally. Trainer in management, leadership and planning fields

Experience in strategic and operational planning in several areas, with the ability to turn plans into reality.

With 15 years of experience designing and implementing initiatives and projects for youth and society with the aim of making a difference.

She has worked with organizations, training centers, and companies in business design, social initiatives, and the media industry. ِِ

If you’re looking for someone to spread productivity and continual support into your beginnings as a podcaster, Reem will be waiting for you.