The Voice

Everything you need to start producing your podcast, starting from the studio in which you will record, all the way to sound effects and mixing, through recording, and ending with editing…many things and many details, but we will offer them to you in a clear and smooth way.

ِAll you will need is to focus on your creativity to achieve excellence together.

Now, you can request the service you need


We provide you: Audio Editing Video Editing Accomplishing all the mashups that combine the commentators’ voices, music, and effects together in a professional manner ready for publication Producing promotional and teaser clips for the podcast

Music & Effects

We set up an audio identity for your podcast in three directions: Suitable music from free libraries Purchase rights to premium music suitable for your works Composing original music especially for your works Select all the required sound effects


We provide all video podcast services, including: Studio setup Lighting settings Adjust cameras And we provide the necessary technicians during recording and filming


We provide a group of qualified sound engineers to supervise audio recordings with high quality and in a record time We provide audio engineers who work according to the latest technologies with proficiency in dealing with the best professional audio tools


We provide you with a package of the voices of distinguished commentators of both genders. We provide a package of press interlocutors. We provide a list of distinguished guests for your episodes that are consistent with the theme of the podcast


We provide you with a studio for audio recording so that it is: 1- Budget-friendly 2- Ensures the required quality 3- As close as possible to your region